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Time Flies

    It seems that sometime in the last few years I blinked and my kids grew up on me. Where my tiny, little children used to be there now stands a fifteen year old boy and a thirteen year old girl both almost as tall as I am. Even my youngest is now ten and getting larger everyday.

    I guess that it seems like this because I can still remember vividly every bit of their young lives. I can remember holding each of them as a newborn baby in my arms. I can remember the first steps that each one took and the delighted smiles on their faces as they walked. I can remember children�s games like tag and hide and seek. I can remember reading to them while they sat on my lap. I can remember their first bikes and teaching them to ride. I can remember making snowmen, snow angels, and having snowball fights in the Winter. I can remember swimming at the pool and playing at the playground in the Summer. I can remember raking huge piles of leaves and jumping joyfully into them in the Fall. I can also remember their problems, frustrations, illnesses, and injuries. I can look back on it all and remember it all. And if asked if I would do it all over again, I would answer: "Yes I would, but I would enjoy it even more."

    This time we get here on Earth doesn�t last long. The moments, days, and years fly by so fast. There is barely enough time to learn to love the way God meant for us to before it is over. Make a promise to yourself now then to enjoy it even more. Don�t get so caught up in your day to day life that you forget what is essential. Take every moment you are given and fill it with love, joy, goodness, and God. Grab every chance you can to share that love and joy with those around you. Use every second you have to bring peace and happiness into your soul and to give your delight, goodness, and oneness with God to the world. Remember time flies, but love is forever.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella