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A Shining Soul

    My youngest son is severely handicapped by Autism. His speech is limited. He cannot relate well to other people. Learning is difficult for him. The smallest problems can seem like the end of the world to him emotionally. Tiny changes frustrate and upset him greatly. His life is limited in many ways. Still, when he hugs me, looks me in the eyes, and smiles I can see his soul shining through. His soul that I see twinkling in his eyes and glowing in his smile is full of love, joy, goodness, and God. Even though it is trapped in a challenged mind, it still is beautiful, powerful, and limitless. Even though it lives in a life far different than mine, it still spreads its love, joy, and light to this world.

    I am doing my best to follow the example that I see in my youngest son�s shining soul. I am doing my best to share my own love and joy in spite of my problems and limitations. I am doing all that I can to bring goodness, peace, happiness, and delight to everyone I meet. I am doing all that I can to let God live through me and to make this world a better and more loving place for all of the people out there no matter what their problems and limitations may be.

    No one has to live a limited life. No matter what limits your body, mind, or situation may have you can always let your soul shine through. The simplest life can do limitless good in the eyes of Heaven. A hug, a wave, a smile, a kind word, or any tiny act of love is priceless in the eyes of God. Every life here no matter how small touches countless others with its love, joy, and light. Remember then as you travel the pathway to Heaven to scatter a little soul shine along the way. The sun may light up the Earth, but a shining soul full of God�s love lights up the Universe.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella