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Exercise Your Soul

    I have been doing a lot of walking lately. I have been doing it for the exercise it gives me. I am not talking about bodily exercise either; although I am sure that my body is much fitter because of it. I have been doing it rather for the wonderful exercise it gives my soul.

    Walking helps me to slow down long enough to see that single red leaf laying along the path, to feel the cool breeze on my face, to watch the glorious sunlight turn the waves and ripples along the lake near my home into a thousand golden dancers, and to feel the love of God all around me. It helps me to see just how beautiful this world and life are. It makes me want to fill myself with the love, joy, energy, vitality, delight, peace, and bliss that God gives us all and then share them with the world. This wonderful soul exercise helps me to become the person God meant for me to be and gives me the strength to help others do the same.

    Take the time to exercise that soul of yours today. Whether it be by walking, reading, praying, listening to music, talking with friends, playing with children, petting animals, or just sitting quietly you can bring ever more goodness, light, strength, happiness, joy, love, and delight into your soul. Whether it be by smiling, laughing, singing, listening, caring, helping, encouraging, cheering, praising, giving, or simply loving you can share every bit of your soul�s strength, goodness, light, and joy with the world.

    I don�t think that God meant for any of us to go through this life with out of shape souls. I think God put us here to exercise, grow, and expand our souls until they could fill the universe with their love, joy, and light. Exercise your soul daily then. Fill it with love, joy, goodness, and God always. Share its energy, light, and love with everyone forever.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella