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It's Easy to Love

    I have discovered something recently about myself that I hope is true for everyone else in this world as well. I have discovered that as the years go by in my life, I am finding it easier and easier to love. I am finding it easier to choose love, to share love, and to express my love. I am finding it easier to love God, myself, and everyone else. I am finding it easier to fill my heart with loving feelings, my mind with loving thoughts, my days with loving actions, and my soul with love itself.

    It isn�t that I was any less able to choose and share love when I was younger either. It is just that I am learning more and more as I get older that love is the one thing that life is all about. Perhaps this is why old people and children get along so well. Children haven�t yet forgotten that life is about love and joy while old people have finally remembered the same thing.

    God loves each and everyone of us and God put us on this world to love each other as well. It may take our whole lives to learn to love each other as God meant for us to, but it is a journey we all need to make. Start on your journey today then. Remember it is easy to love and it is never to late to start loving. It is never too late to live as you were meant to. It doesn�t matter if you are seven, seventeen, thirty seven, seventy seven, or one hundred and seven. All that matters is that you choose and share love today.

    Sir Walter Scott once said, "Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love." Bring a little Heaven to Earth today. Choose love, share love, and fill yourself with God�s love now. You will be amazed at how easy it is, and you will be delighted at how much joy it will give you.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella