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The Guides

        I step
        into the darkness
        I breathe the musty air
        My eyes adjust
        I see the things I have refused to see
        for so long,
        so very long,
        They lie waiting...
        each one...
        Each forgotten child of my thought
        Each uncherished child of my being
        I've been afraid
        "Not the light, you are not the light!"
        I would call out...
        and turn my back...
        and walk away...
        I did not hear them whisper...
        "But we are the ones who know the way..."
        "Yes, we are the guides..."
        "Put down the candle, hold my hand...
        Right through that deepest darkness, there,
        is a door...it leads
        into the sunlight...
        but you must trust."

    � Alyce McDonnell