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How Are You? How are you? Really. How are 'you'?

Not your relationships. Not your job. Not your house or your yard. Not your transportation. Not your weight or your wardrobe. Not your investments, your bank account or your credit rating.

How are 'you'?

The 'you' that resides at the core of all the issues in your life. The 'you' that decides which of those issues are important and which are not. The 'you' that feels confident or inadequate, worthy or worthless. The 'you' that lives your joy and your sadness.

Do you cry in the darkness of night or sleep in peaceful repose? Do you stand in wonder or curl in worry at the dawn of day? Do you see problems as hurdles to mount or insurmountable peaks? Do you allow your heart to heal from hurt or harden your heart against it? Do you connect and bring yourself fully to the people and situations you encounter, or do you hold back, fearing that what you have to offer isn't good enough? Do you have convictions you stand for, or do you lie down like a doormat and allow the opinions of others to walk over you? Do you know what you believe in, or do you believe everything you hear? Do you count yourself as an equal member of the family of humankind, or do you separate people by their differences?

The well at the center of your being, is the place you draw from as you go about your life. Is the water sweet or bitter? Muddy or clear?

You alone, know. You are the quality control manager.

So, I ask again, "How are you?"

Do you have an answer that doesn't include people or problems, lack or wishes or wants?

Nothing the world offers has the ability to sweeten the water of your soul. Nothing the world dumps on your head has the ability to make it bitter. Everything you see on the inside, determines how you see everything on the outside. Everything you feel on the inside, determines how you feel about everything on the outside.

Unsure? Have doubts?

A tempest of confusion begs for a time of still calm, a time to look in the water and find out 'who you are', 'what you are', and 'how you are'.

Be still. Take a look. Wade in. Find out.

Filter out the muddy and the bitter. Empty the well completely and begin with a clear, new spring if necessary. The refreshing power of change within will leave you in awe of the change you see without.

The outside world entrenches us in the business of living. The whispering water of our soul teaches us how to be wise and wonderful, compassionate and caring, happy human beings.

How are you today? How am I today? How are any of us today?

The concrete answers are vast and varied, yet, if we listen to the voice of God, our spiritual answer is the same: Tending the water.

Living in love and loving life,
�Terri McPherson

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