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Wondering Why I can't see around the next corner, let alone, see into next week, next month or next year. I don't know how long the road ahead of me stretches or if it comes to an abrupt end. I don't know who's path I'll cross or what I'll encounter.

The shortness of my sight limits my ability to fully understand my present circumstances. Hindsight often clarifies something I didn't understand while it was happening, but I can't live my life in reverse.

Time moves me forward. Faith gives me confidence to step into the unknown of each day without fear. Prayer keeps the lines of communication open between me my Maker, the One who sees the finished picture of my life and knows the wonderful ways I am capable of completing it.

Wondering Why

If one night you find yourself
amidst the stars and nothing else,
standing 'neath a velvet sky,
looking up and wondering why
you were put here on this earth
and if your life has any worth,
let the answers come to you
from God, who has the better view.

He painted every star in place
to gently shine upon your face.
Seek His counsel and you'll know
how very much He loves you so.
He waits to whisper in your ear,
to let you know why you are here.
His Word will set your spirit free
to find and live your destiny.

� Terri McPherson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada