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A Fork Appears in the Road
Terri McPherson
A fork appears in the road.

It's decision time.

Which way do you go?

Important decisions weigh heavy on the heart. We play out various scenarios and ultimate conclusions in our minds. We 'what if' ourselves to pieces and call on friends and relatives for their opinions. We stall. We worry. We drive ourselves crazy.

Facts and opinions and imaginings are crammed into our heads and fed to our hearts. Oh what a noise of doubt, worry and misgivings we create.

The final outcome of a decision is never known until we live through the choice we make. Yet, we run ahead of ourselves, grasping for a glimpse of something we can't see. More importantly, we run ahead of God - the one who knows and sees all.

Instead of blindly running into the unknown, a scared, nervous wreck, allow your steps be guided through the unknown - assuredly and faithfully.


I'm weighted with indecision Lord,
unsure of which way to go.
I've choices to make, steps to take
and I'm mired in worry and woe.

I can't see past the next corner,
but you see the picture complete.
Please guide my mind, guide my thoughts
and guide each step of my feet.

My anxious heart is yours now, Lord,
be my compass and quash my fear,
be the rock that keeps me steady,
the arms that hold me near.

� 2002 Terri McPherson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada