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    The Mysterious Critter
    The magnificent critter that caught me by surprise was something that looked like a walking stuffed animal. It was blue and had a really furry coat. It had real big bulgy eyes. It was so cute and as small as a newborn puppy. It smelt like flowers that had just bloomed. It was in a circular body shape.

    So I looked it up and then I looked up its habitat and they come from gardens. They are like seeds that bloom and pop up in a garden. Next I looked up what they eat and it said it ate blueberries. That was all that it said except they were very rare. So I went to a garden and saw millions of them. They sound like little crickets. They come in many different colors. They come in colors like purple, orange, black, etc.

    The coolest part was that they could talk. After that day I went to the garden every day to talk to them. I could tell them anything. That is what I saw.

    � Megan Mefford

    Megan is twelve. She loves to ride her bike so fast her long ponytail flies in the breeze.