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    The Day My Dog Saved My Life
    Has a dog ever saved your life? Mine has. It all started when I was a baby. My mom was upstairs giving me a bath while my dad was out back cooking on the grill. He cooked the usual: hot dogs, hamburgers, and steak. Since I was a baby, I had to eat baby food or something soft. My favorite was bananas.

    My grandma had arrived, so my mom got me out of the bath tub. My mom got soaking wet. She laid me in my crib and I fell asleep.

    My mom went downstairs with my grandma, brother, and dad. I woke up because the window was open and they were loud. From the window, I saw my family out in the back yard, far down from where I was so I crawled out onto the ledge.

    I made a loud noise; my mom looked up at the window and began to cry. She gave out a loud yell because my grandma was in the bathroom at the time.

    I was smiling for some reason. I thought the ledge was dried up. It had a nasty feeling when I touched it. My dad rushed upstairs trying to make me come back in the house, but I wouldn't.

    Suddenly, my dog, Patten, ran over because he saw my foot hanging off the ledge. My dog is a black and brown German Shepherd. He thought I was about to fall, but I didn't. My dad would have come after me, but he did not have a ladder and the ledge was too old. I began to slide, but I managed to hold up.

    Finally, I just let go. I couldn't hold up any longer. My dad thought I was gone and cried and cried but luckily I fell on my dog. That dog is still alive till this day. My parents call me the miracle baby and I love my dog to death!!

    � Megan Mefford

    Megan is twelve. She loves to ride her bike so fast her long ponytail flies in the breeze.