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A Walk Along Life�s Path
by Michele & Two Crows
I have loved, and yet have not been loved. The greatest return for my love for others has been watching them grow; seeing them walk away from me with an extra spring in their step. My love does not have to be eternal and for any one person. The love for my fellow man at the time when it is most needed and in the way that it is most needed is the love to which I refer.

I have helped and yet have not been helped. The path that I am treading was forged for me and me alone. I will share my journey with others sometimes; sometimes I shall walk alone. I will happily share the burdens of others that I meet, but I do not expect others to share mine. My burdens are the lessons that my soul requires, although I will learn to accept help when it is needed and offered.

I have listened and yet my voice is unheard. Yet I keep speaking. I persist in my messages and even if I am not heeded, I know that part of what I have said is absorbed and carried with the person to whom I am speaking, whether they are aware of it or not. I am careful to speak only the truth; and know that this truth will be there for them should they need it later.

I have caught others and yet have been allowed to fall. Yet in falling, I have been able to understand better and therefore be better able to catch others once I have picked myself back up. I know that once I have picked myself up, I am a stronger person.

I have watched and yet have passed unnoticed. I choose not to leave an imprint on the lives of those that I meet, except perhaps the light touch of peace and love. I hate being the centre of attention and prefer to do my work quietly; after all, I have chosen the work that is to be done and there is no need to shout about it.

I have encountered anger, bitterness, prejudice and fear and yet have no anger or bitterness within me. I see that any anger, bitterness, prejudice and fear that is directed towards me is from those who do not understand and who have not found the way yet. I choose to remain emotionally detached from these people, but I try to help them if I can.

I am human. I try to remember the ideals mentioned above and try to live up to them. Many times I will fall and many times I will fail on some or all of them. So I try to do my best and try not to beat myself up if I don�t succeed. I remember that I am far from perfect and although I am of spirit in origin, at this moment in time I am human.

� Michele

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