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Another Day Like No Other

    This morning as I drove to the school, I knew the day would not be like any other, and yes, I know each day is different. But today there was peace and more recognition of God's Amazing Grace! As I drove, I could see the trees in a far distance, even through the fog, and as I looked, I saw the trees as symbols of peace. It reminded me that even in the midst of a storm, God does grant peace.

    As the day continued and students were in and out of the classroom, I finally had a class period with no students. At last I had a time when I could communicate with God. I pulled up a chair and opened the back door to the classroom to get some fresh air and talk openly with my Lord. Once I finished my brief Bible study there in the classroom and completed my study questions, I locked the classroom door and turned down all but one light, keeping the back door open.

    I looked toward the clouds and heavens and just began to thank God for his Mercy and for loving me. I thanked him for bringing me this far, because I would not be here if it were not for Him and His son. But here is where I realize something that so many are missing! We are missing the wonderful beauty of God's Grace and just how much He loves us.

    Please allow me to explain. I looked at the clouds, with all their wonder and white color, and how they stayed afloat and drifted by without a care in the world. Then it occurred to me, that our trust in God should be like those clouds. You see, the clouds do not worry about how they will stay afloat or where they are drifting, because they know that God holds them up and God is guiding them, for He created them. Wow! I thought. Why is it then, we worry about staying afloat or where we are drifting? We, like the clouds, must trust that God will keep us afloat and God will guide us and order our footsteps.

    We, like the clouds, must trust that even when the storm comes, God will keep us and we will make it through the storm, like the clouds. We too, can come through for with God all things are possible. For with God, we are more than conquers. Why do we try to keep ourselves floating or carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders? Why is it that we cannot turn it over to God and leave it there, so we can gently drift to higher levels, like the clouds?

    Then my eyes turned for a moment from the heavens and clouds to watch a butterfly landing on the tall green grass outside. Wow! God shared even more wisdom with me. Why is it that humans rush through life so much that we do not slow down enough to see the butterfly and all the beauty that God has created around us? Why is it that man has destroyed the natural beauty of God? Just as a cocoon will shed and become a beautiful butterfly, so will we when we shed ourselves of the world and follow God. We will spread our wings like the butterfly and fly free. But just as the butterfly, the clouds and trees trust and depend on God to be totally free, we too must have Faith that God can set us free and grant us peace. We must have faith in the one true Creator of all things, (nature and man).

    I sat there in classroom doorway, with total awe of what God and the Holy Spirit had brought before me today. Then I found another corner of the room, closed my eyes and waited for God to speak even more. Ohhhhhhhhh! what peace we often forfeit. He reminded me that I am your peacemaker, your way maker and it is I who have appointed you. And for a brief moment before my next class, I was at total peace.

    As the students entered the room, I said "Thank you Father, for your Amazing Mercy and Grace!

    Be blessed and I pray you will allow God to bring you inner peace and appreciate the beauty of His love and all the many things He has created. I pray you appreciate them now, for there will come a day when we all must leave this world and it will be too late, to hear the robin sing, to see the clouds float, to see a butterfly spread it's wings, to see the beauty of a sunset or sunrise, to see the beauty of nature and most of all, do not wait too long to hear the voice of God. Stand still and know that He is God. Peace be still!

    � Miranda V Lewis