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Houses, Cleaning, And Journaling If I ever move, I will clean this place and leave it spotless for its new owners. But it probably won�t feel like their home until they clean it for themselves. At least, that�s how I felt when I moved here eleven years ago. It felt like mine once I cleaned it.

It�s just as important for me, if not more so, to clean my inner house. It�s about dealing with thoughts and feelings that are stuck in my mind by journaling them out, thus having a cleansing and clarifying effect. Journaling has a way of slowing down my mind when I write down what�s in it.

In order for me to let go and feel any inner peace, I have to process and dump all that�s in my mind. I write down my thoughts and feelings, and then step back to gain perspective and find the meaning or lesson behind them. Journaling helps me to know what to keep, lovingly give back to others what is theirs, and clear out the rest. I learn what I have control over and let go of what I don�t. It reminds me of the Serenity Prayer, �. . . to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.�

The act of writing slows down my mind because it takes longer to write words than to say them, thus creating space between the words for my Higher Self to impart its wisdom into my Soul. It enables me to sort through everything, let go of what isn�t mine, and integrate into my heart what I wish to keep.

Just as a closet periodically needs to be cleaned out, my mind needs to be cleaned out too. Journaling provides me with a box for things to keep, a box for things to give away, and a box for things to throw away, or my mind gets packed with emotional clutter that turns on me into full-blown obsessing and self-punishment. It�s like opening a closet door and having all the stuff fall out because I didn�t keep it cleaned and organized.

Journaling is a whistling spout on a teakettle. It lets the steam out of my mind and releases the pressure. It allows me to vent, be heard, and examine and process my thoughts and feelings in a safe setting. It is my significant other, my confidante, my friend. It does not judge me, and it always tells the truth. Journaling helps me to let go, bring me back to center, and give me peace.

Long ago when I began journaling I made a commitment to myself that I would always be truthful, because what do I have, and who am I, if I cannot tell the truth to God or to myself? I would never grow spiritually and be the person God wants me to be, or the person I think I want to be, if I am not honest and truthful. It�s one of the best decisions I ever made. So the next time you get overwhelmed with life and your mind is on overdrive, try journaling . . . and cleaning out a closet. You�ll be amazed at the results!

� Pamela Morong has worked in the human resource management field for several years. She studies recovery, metaphysics, spirituality, creativity, and mythology, and has published many articles and poems on spirituality and nature. She lives in the Midwest.