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Prayer to Manifest
by Pam Morong

Dear God,

I let go of all
that separates me from You.

I live happily,
and at peace
within my body.

I connect with You,
nurture my relationship with You,
and hear Your messages.

I receive and accept
Your guidance and wisdom,
and use it for the highest good.

I create together with You,
so that I may use my gifts
for self-expression and fulfillment,
and to manifest my dreams.

I teach others
to help them grow and evolve spiritually,
and to self-actualize.

I celebrate our relationship,
my spiritual journey,
and the journey of others.

I thank You for all my blessings,
and for the opportunities You give me
to grow and evolve spiritually,
to self-actualize,
and to share my blessings and gifts
with others. Amen.

� Pamela Morong has worked in the human resource management field for several years. She studies recovery, metaphysics, spirituality, creativity, and mythology, and has published many articles and poems on spirituality and nature. She lives in the Midwest.