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Prayer to Create
by Pam Morong

    Dear God,

    I pray to live a creative life
        and to practice my creativity.
    Allow me the honor of co-creating with you
        for the purpose of using my spiritual gifts
           to express myself,
             to share my wisdom with others,
                and help them on their creative paths.
    Show me how to be disciplined
        by creating a little each day,
           to give life to your ideas through me.
    Remind me to walk each day
        to keep me physically healthy
           and my creative juices flowing.
    Help me to work through my creative blocks
        by journaling them out
           and letting them go.
    Help me let go of my delusional dreams
        to make room for the dreams
           that you have for me.
    Teach me to be reverent,
        by honoring my own creative process,
           listening for your words and guidance
              and manifesting them in creative form.
    Teach me to be respectful of my relationship with you,
        for it is only through you
           that I am able to use my spiritual gifts.
    Help me stay connected to you
        by not using addictive habits and behaviors
           to avoid my creativity
              and travel to that sacred place
                 of Divine connection.
    Prevent me from using controlling people
        by putting their needs before mine
           which thwart using my creative gifts,
              and having you in my life.
    Teach me to be attracted to my most creative self
        instead of another person�s neediness,
           so I can be the authentic, original creative being
              you intended for me to be.
    Teach me to sit quietly, contemplatively,
        to ask . . .
           listen . . .
              and receive . . .
        with no judgments or criticism,
           knowing you will tell me what I need to hear
              and what to share with others.
    Sustain me in this sacred place
        of Divine connection,
           my at-one-ment with you.
    Thank you for showing me the way
        to my creative self.
           Now give me courage
              to follow the way you have shown.


    � Pamela Morong has worked in the human resource management field for several years. She studies recovery, metaphysics, spirituality, creativity, and mythology, and has published many articles and poems on spirituality and nature. She lives in the Midwest.