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Changing Our World

    Peace or war? Nonviolence or violence? What is the problem? What is the solution? There must be a better way for the world to find peace.

    The differences in people - race, religion, ethnic background, traditions - actually bring us the life lessons we need to learn. The people who bring them to us are not the problem, they are the catalyst for change within us, the way that God brings us our lessons that we need to learn. It is up to us if we choose to accept them and work with them, for it is the interaction with each other that helps us to grow as individuals, as societies, and as a whole world.

    I believe lessons repeat themselves until we learn them, then they leave us and are replaced with new lessons. This is how we evolve spiritually to a higher place. Strive to live, learn, and evolve consciously. Be mindful of your lessons that need to be learned as you are learning them. Be thankful as you struggle through the stages of seeing your lesson after it was presented to you and wishing you responded differently, consciously responding the next time the same old way but observing it while you are experiencing it, and then being mindful by knowing the lesson is coming and changing your response when it happens, thus learning your lesson and changing your life. When we change ourselves, we change the world.

    Rather than fighting, whether in a significant relationship or in the world of politics and international events, embrace the differences in each other and learn from them. Strive to understand and accept, not change and control. Find the similarities within the differences, as they are intertwined. The differences we struggle so hard to change in others are the differences we need to work through and change within ourselves. The world mirrors our own life.

    There is no one reality for all, there is only perspective for each. How boring the world would be if we were clones of each other. There would be no thinking out of the box and no great strives in humanity. We would not learn from each other, we would not evolve as God meant for us to do, but grow stagnant, wither, and die without having fulfilled our life purpose. Interacting with each other, rubbing off the rough edges of our personalities, is how humanity grows and evolves and becomes better.

    It is not in changing others but in changing ourselves that brings inner peace, and in turn, world peace. It is not in ignoring the similarities between and special gifts of, different groups of people and refusing to acknowledge them just because they are not exactly the same, or in constantly fighting about the differences, but in embracing the similarities, cherishing the differences, and working with them and learning from them that brings humanity together and creates world peace.

    � Pamela Morong has worked in the human resource management field for several years. She studies recovery, metaphysics, spirituality, creativity, and mythology, and has published many articles and poems on spirituality and nature. She lives in the Midwest.