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Heaven On Earth
By Marsha B. Smith

The sky was suddenly dark outside the hospital window as I gazed up into the sky... I have held her hand for much of the day... just as she used to hold mine when I was a child. The pain had been horrendous... but now she was resting peacefully with almost a smile upon her face.

I looked into her face... how often I had gazed into her amber eyes for a look that only Grandmother could give... one that said, "I believe in you, Child and I believe in all your dreams."

I gazed down at her hands folded across her middle... those hands had wiped tears from my eyes... bandaged my skinned knees... and held me as I cried. I knew we could not hold onto her forever... but oh, how much I wanted to. I could not imagine a day without her in it. Without hearing her voice... rejoicing in her laughter that warmed your very soul.

The cancer had attacked her body... but it never touched her spirit nor her soul. Always even up to now... in spite of all the pain...she smiled. She encouraged all of us to hold on... to believe in her God... to trust Him to take care of her... And in the midst of one of the worst times with the pain I had heard her call out to Him, "Sweet Jesus... I am ready to come home now... I am ready to join Paul...and I am ready to see Heaven. Won't you send an angel just for me?"

The only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock... strange how in moments of our deepest agony and heartache... it seems the clock is keeping time with our pain.

I sat down and leaned my head against the cool leather of the chair... and then I heard her gentle, faint voice...

"Honey, can you see that light?"

I jumped up and ran to the side of the bed and took her hand. "Gramma... there is no light... except for the one in the hall. Do you want me to close the door a little so you can sleep?"

"No, honey... the light ... it is beautiful... so brilliant...it is in the room with us and there is something else I can't quite make out...Wait a minute... Oh. honey...He is sending the angel for me... I can see the angel... " Her arms reached out as I looked up...

Suddenly the room was flooded with the most beautiful colors I had ever beheld... like prisms dancing all around. We were engulfed in them. She reached for my hand and slowly drew it to her lips and then she took a small breath... and a smile came across her face... and I heard her say, "I knew you would come for me..." and then her hand dropped mine...

I sat down beside the bed... and watched the light as it slowly disappeared.... and then I began to cry...tears of joy and sorrow all mingled together. Gramma was out of her pain and with her Lord. I would miss her so much... but somehow it just did not seem like she was REALLY gone...

For I still felt the love... Gramma had for me. It had not left. It was then I knew... Gramma's prayers had been answered... for the angel had come to take her home... And somehow my prayers had been answered to... for I knew that Gramma would always be with me... for she had left the love behind.

Years have come and gone... but I have never forgotten the night... nor the light that I saw in the hospital room that night... and whenever I think of dying... I remember how the angel came for Gramma... and I remember the love that was left behind.

Angels... in the night... who take our loved ones home... leaving the love behind to light the way for us to follow.

And beyond a shadow of doubt... I know we all have an angel who will walk with us... through the shadows into the beautiful light... called Eternity.

� Marsha B. Smith