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A Life Of Choices
The choice that is life
by Jane Mullikin

We have a lot of choice in what our lives will or will not become. We have a life to live in order to make one choice. That choice is an ongoing journey based in love or based in hate or fear. That choice is ours. It takes many of us an entire lifetime to pick a race track and make the choice to run that particular race. Others make it very early and those who make a choice for love, live in beauty while those who do not choose love can be exposed to ugliness beyond comprehension.

A life being lived in love and beauty is not necessarily apparent from the exterior. We cannot look at the next person and determine what kind of life they have by their beauty, their possessions, or their �luck�. We can only know their quality of life if we are given the opportunity to see their soul. Very rarely does the spirit allow such exposure.

Because of this opportunity (or necessity) to make a choice, depending on how you feel about it, we walk side by side on this earth as strangers. People living in close proximity, with similar environments, background, and heredity, can be living in very different worlds. Side-by-side they walk, appearing similar to those they know, yet one has within a black hole filled with turmoil and pain while the other is living with an internal warmth and joy that cannot be adequately described by words. Those who have not made a solid choice are likely to see glimpses of both worlds without fully understanding the implications until they seriously begin the search for the right track.

We can choose to be guided by that still small voice within. We can choose to help those around us, gaining our pleasure through seeing their lives enriched. If we turn selfish and expect to be rewarded for helping, we lose out on the joy of the unselfish gift. Our lives are not based in love.

We can choose to be proud and to be greedy. We can choose to manipulate our environment so that riches become ours. Then we are based in the external world. That still small voice does not operate in the external world. This selfish lifestyle can lead us down a road of lies, lust, and into ugliness and despair.

We can live in the spiritual world of love and beauty and still have favor like wealth, fame, and beauty as long as we have not taken them through greedy selfishness. We can live in the spiritual world of love and beauty when our physical lives are a mess. If we have faith in the guidance of that still small voice within; if we willingly follow its leading, a most unexplainable sense of joy, serenity, and security abide within us. We know we are spiritually safe no matter what happens to our perishable bodies.

We accept the concept of the perishable body and the eternal spirit. This forward looking attitude gives us grace, hope, and power in the knowledge that no matter how difficult the hurdles at the beginning of the race, smooth sailing is ours for eternity. Smooth sailing through loving, caring, sharing, serving with that constant sense of spiritual joy within. A joy that continues to expand, never diminishing, throughout eternity.

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