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    Recent activities in my personal life have made me more and more aware of just how involved God is in our daily lives. Through the Holy Spirit, through hosts of angels, and all the other tools at His disposal, the Living Spirit is actively involved in the lives of those who recognize and request His presence.

    If we are focused on physical things, the things we can see and touch, we may never be aware of the movements of supernatural forces, both those assisting us as well as those wanting to lead us in the wrong direction. Stories abound about �the hand on the wheel� that keeps people safe when they are unable to function on their own. Soldiers tell many tales of having their lives spared supernaturally.

    Even though we don�t have miraculous supernatural experiences to relate each and every day, if we are paying attention we will notice God�s delicate touch is constantly in our lives. How many times has a slower moving vehicle slowed you just before you noticed the police car�s radar gun? �Bruce Almighty� kept asking God to give him a sign while the slow moving truck ahead of him was loaded with �road out ahead� and �stop� signs. We can all remember roadway hindrances that slowed us enough we avoided a pile-up.

    There are those times when we do get the ticket or we do get into a wreck. We cannot ask, �Why, God?� when we did not recognize the many times we were protected. Either we accept Him as our daily companion during both the good and bad times, or we take it all upon our own shoulders.

    For those of us who know we can�t handle it alone and have asked for a hedge of protection, life not only becomes more endurable, life becomes more adventuresome; especially if we go through each day closely watching for signs of spiritual activity. Joe Mazzella�s articles illustrate his daily awareness of God�s presence in his life. Just as Joe finds excitement in the simplest things, so can we. We can all live with a sensitivity that makes the most ordinary moments bristle with excitement. Developing this trait helps us gain real insight into what Heaven must be like and allows us to taste it while still in this world.

    Begin a daily list of the special moments that make your spirit lighter. Look at each moment listed and determine if God was a part of the moment.

  • The beautiful flower you just admired�.who created the flowers?
  • The cart full of groceries that cost two cents less than you had on you�did you know that bill wasn�t going to go over?
  • The beautiful baby in your arms�who created life?
  • Arriving at just the right moment to prevent something bad from happening�luck? I think not.

    The next time you start to use the words �luck� or �coincidence�, look again. God constantly conceals his handiwork through probabilities so that only those who are looking for Him can realize He was there. If He put out a sign saying, �God did this,� we would never learn to trust, we would never grow in faith. We would never gain a relationship with Him.

    Watch the Spiritual Sisters message board for �Special Spirit Moments� and please feel welcomed to add your own. Let us build a collection of those ordinary, everyday moments when God�s presence made a difference.

    Jane Mullikin