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The Edge

    We are all on a journey. It is a journey that is filled with many events. A journey filled with joy and sorrow, fun and pain. It is a journey on which we embark filled with wide-eyed innocence, great ambitions and lofty goals. It is a journey that can very slowly wear us down as we face the realities of life. How we handle these realities is the true test. It decides whether we will be beaten, just get by, or will realize our full potential.

    If we search for the answers to the �why� questions that continually arise, we turn to philosophy. There are many philosophies in this world and most of them promote love, kindness, forgiveness, patience, endurance, long suffering, and determination. Most of the philosophies suggest forms of meditation, inner-searching, and patient examination of external and internal issues. What one philosophy may not cover adequately will be well developed in another.

    How do we know which is the right one? Do we listen to others? If we do, how can we be sure they know what they are talking about?

    Do we turn to our own experiences and attempt to extrapolate from what we are feeling? Unless everyone is feeling the same thing, how can we trust our instincts to be accurate?

    If we study the literature from various philosophies and compile what seems accurate to us, is this a good foundation upon which to rest our beliefs? Does this become our own personal �it-just-feels-right� religion?

    How can we move from a be-good/do-good life to a life filled with power? A life which has a real edge?

    If we could always be in control of the universal environment, we could be guaranteed a life filled with power. Unfortunately, we are not in control. We have moments when we are sure we are in control, but they are infrequent. They are much too infrequent. So how do we harness this thing called power and be confident that we have it in our own arsenal?

    When we are small children, we have confidence that Mommy and Daddy can fix anything. When we are adults we still need that confidence that someone greater than ourselves is there to fix things. How do we find that Powerful Person?

    We search the religions and the philosophies of the world. We search for a living God. Only a living God who is here and now can give us this kind of edge we so greatly desire. How do we know this God is living? We continue to search the religions and the philosophies for clues and guidelines that will point to whether a god lived in the past. If history shows he is now dead and buried, this god becomes easy to eliminate. If the god is an idol created by man, then he cannot truly be a god at all.

    As we search we will find the Bible. The Bible claims to be the word of a living God. How can we be sure he is living? There are many ways to be sure He is living. Reading the Bible gives many clues. Knowing what is in the Bible and listening with our spirits will bring us clues that coincide and affirm each other. Seriously listening to the messages that are delivered to us as we talk with this God, and following the instructions He gives, will give us additional clues that confirm what we read in the Bible. They are concrete clues. They take the shape of events in our lives where everything just seems to work out in our favor---like playing a ballgame where the refs are always on your side. Another clue is facing certain disaster and suddenly being extracted from the logical conclusion.

    This living God makes one demand. He does not demand that we do good deeds and live impeccable lives. He does insist that we believe his son was sacrificed in our place to make it possible for us to have his power working within our lives. Once we make this commitment, He will then be with us at all times. He will not make us do what He wants us to do. He will allow us to accept or refuse His counsel. His power may not be obvious in our lives if we refuse His counsel. That does not mean it has been taken from us, it just means He is waiting for us to be in a position where we are ready to make use of it.

    If we are less than totally committed in our search, we are likely to be disappointed. We may miss the mark altogether, or we may not have adequate understanding to allow us to correctly interpret events and signs. If we are totally committed, in the depths of our hearts, to finding this higher power, a God who is just as desirous of developing a relationship with us, we can be assured a fuller life with a real edge to it.

    Jane Mullikin
    Spirit - Finding Hope in a World of Uncertainty