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    19 Cases of Frozen Chicken

    We finally had a warm day in December. When the message arrived that I could have all the frozen chicken I could haul, I was excited. With Christmas coming, extra food for my community where people have a hard time seemed like a gift straight from Heaven. I checked the radar before leaving the house and all was clear with the morning rain having passed on to the east.

    19 cases of frozen chicken later, Tiffany and I arrived back on Churchman Ave. looking forward to distributing two carloads of frozen chicken just in time for Christmas cooking. As we returned from the pick up point at Shepherd Communities, I had figured in my head that we had at least one chicken per person living in the double block of Churchman Ave.

    Right away, we were joined by many of the young people who come regularly to The Living in Simple Faith House and working as a unit, we began to pass out chickens. We had barely gotten started when the rain came out of nowhere. It was a nice steady, soaking rain determined to discourage our spirits and our chicken distribution.

    With lots of young people to help, the task did not seem daunting until the rain began to drive the young people back into their homes. Then tossing the 50 lb. cases of chicken around became less and less fun. As we were moving down the street past my own place, I saw a man with a lawn rake at my door. I stopped to inquire as to his mission and he asked if he could rake my yard--in the rain??--to get some money for food for his family. I offered him a case of chicken as a substitute. It was too heavy to carry so I drove him home. He may not have wanted chicken, but his wife was delighted.

    Shepherd Communities has more chicken, but everyone on my street now has all the chicken their freezers will hold and the little church at the end of the block has two cases of chicken to give away.

    As I sit here typing and playing Christmas music, let me tell you, "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas".

    If you don't hear from me for a while, I'll be back as soon as I get past the pneumonia brought on by passing out chickens in the rain.

    Jane Mullikin
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