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The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life begins the moment
a person recognizes the infinite
potential that each of us has.

It begins when one wakes up in the morning
and looks at the sun and gives
blessings for the opportunity to see
what many with eyes do not.

The beauty of life begins when you,
as an individual, stop seeking
outside sources of validation
for your success,
when only true success lies within.

It begins when the challenge of growth
submits the individual to great pain
and knowing out of that pain you are
becoming a better and stronger person.

The beauty of life begins when one can come
to a state of unconditional love where
there are no needs and wants
from another individual;
only support and nurturing.

It begins when one understands
that when they choose to grow faster
than the person they are with,
that they only be concerned
with their growth and not criticize the other
for being only who they can be at that moment.

The beauty of live begins when one realizes
that there is only one source,
one power,
God the omnipotent,
as their true source of unconditional love,
infinite prosperity,
and the only true guidance that exists.

�2001 Rev. Jack Needham