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A Balanced Walk in the Woods

    Muffled footsteps along the trail, trudging through;
    Tiny angry snowflakes pelting our faces red.
    Searching the trail for the secrets of her woodland,
    Birds chattering in muffled tentative queries.
    Turning the corner as the path widens up the hill,
    Trees protecting our faces from the onslaught,
    Dig in our heels and push forward into the hush
    behind the mask of dark moon mysteries.
    The hush of muffled chatter along our path,
    Slowing our footsteps to listen,
    Listening to our breath in muffled snow,
    Breathing in the calm of pure snowflakes,
    Floating along the eastern air.
    Leaving the path to find her, the goddess within.
    Crouching into the arms of the curled evergreen.
    Flowing, purifying rebirth in her soft flakes.
    Circling three times deosil, bringing her energies.
    Releasing the dark moon mask, farewell.....
    Raised faces, stomping feet, tingling necks,
    Her energies flow through us into her earth.
    Chest pumping as we struggle up the hill,
    Muffled leaves bending as we reach the summit.
    Open grove, sentinels encircling the hilltop.
    Guarding her tears flowing, upturned faces,
    Easterly wind, new moon in Aquarius.
    Air flowing through, sparking rebirth.
    Arms raised with our faces, stanced firmly;
    Circling three times widdershins,
    sending electric tingles down our spines
    spiral into the poetic rebirth of maiden.
    Follow the path south to the fire glowing,
    Hearth, home, warrior spirits of Ra,
    Bridgitt crone, midwifery mother Bridit,
    Maidenly poetic Brigidt welcomes new growth.
    A balanced walk in the woods, peace overcomes.

    � Old Crone 2/2/03

    walk in peace; she changes everything she touches