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Inspiration Sparks the Blaze
by Penn George

Inspiration is the spark that sets ablaze the fires of creativity, that once set can turn into passion. Many things inspire us. Inspiration comes through many sources. For me, nature is always inspiring. The rhythm of the ocean waves, the huge vastness of wide open spaces, the silent timelessness of a majestic old tree.

Visits to art galleries and fairs that offer works from the hands of creative people also inspire me. A chance to share the artist's vision. I'm continually amazed to see that someone saw something that way, or developed an idea of putting something together in a certain way that I hadn't seen before.

Sometimes, I will enter a gallery and one particular piece, sometimes at the far end of the gallery, barely visible to my eye will attract me.

It calls out to me - it's energy reaching me long before my intellect is engaged. It is speaking directly to my soul - "Over here - you're going to love this one!"

And what is it we are attracted to?

The colours; those particular colours that resonate and vibrate so wonderfully well together. Those exquisite shades; the way the light makes them appear to be in a third dimension. Or is it the composition, a dance of perfect balance, hanging out in it's own way, as it relates to its environment. Is it the subject; our ability to respond to it with our emotions and relate to its humanity.

Yes I have been inspired many times from visiting galleries to look at art. Sometimes it may just be one or two pieces in the whole place that have a certain something; a vision, an inspiration that caused someone, somewhere to pick up those materials and turn them into that.

Music is also a source of inspiration.

Different for different moods.

It may be the perfect guitar riff; the way another instrument will come in just at the perfect time. Maybe its notes of the oboe or violin, that evoke images of another time, another place.

Music ignites the imagination. It creates images in the mind, evokes a mood, draws out something from deep down inside us that is too delicious to try to understand with our logical thinking mind. It exists on its own, without the need for further understanding and intellectualizing. To do so would be to dilute it, to minimize it and take away from its magic.

Inspiration is magic, it's that spark that fuels our passion, It is what hauls us out of our dull complacency and robot like behaviour. It says loudly, clearly, "Look at this - Here. Now."

This is the energy that you have been looking for; the alchemy of turning something out of nothing.

© 2000 Penn George at Womens Creativity.