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Quilt of Friendship
by Lotusbud

The thread of friendship weaves itself intricately in my quilt of many colors. Rainbow hued folks intertwining their way in and out of my life.

Synchronicity paving the way, influencing character and substance as I lovingly and slowly run my hands gently over each piece of fabric.

Colors, textures, each piece of cloth...so lovingly selected, incorporating my thoughts and feelings as each one is joined to the next. Like a bridge, they portray connection and the bond of love that is woven throughout. Years of enlightenment have brought wisdom and insights teaching me, pieces of the past may no longer fit and need to be released. While others remain strong and firm becoming part of my emerging creation.

Life, with Divine Collaboration, helps me understand there will be times when part of my quilt may remain an unsolved mystery.

Stitches loose and uneven, needing to be repaired or perhaps replaced. Other times incredible tiny even stitches make their appearance...manifesting universal riches, seldom what I am anticipating.

Invariably, I continue on... letting go, putting together, cutting, piecing, stitching, transforming...as my quilt of life becomes an expression of who I am.

Stories shared, friendships embraced and invited in. Images of thoughts and feelings, release a dynamic current; the embodiment of love, the foundation of my quilt.

Crossing the threshold to the essence of inner-self, spirit moves me through "Wholeness and Holiness." In my minds eye, the beauty of soul is revealed as hearts and hands reach out, one to another, radiating the power of love.

Likenesses and differences creating unity rather than dividing. Friendships resonate heartstrings blessing me with many treasured memories, the possibility of limitless experiences.

In the early morning light, a grateful heart sits wrapped up snuggly in her quilt. A deep sense of love and gratitude fill me with respect and appreciation for each sister and brother who has helped me create the vision of my friendship quilt.

Copyright � Lotusbud - 1999-2000

I would ask each of you who read this to consider the following as you create your quilt of friendship . . .

Who in their infinite wisdom cannot see truth or admit that like endangered species, our differences must be honored or perhaps we too will disappear. Let us no longer grieve each day questioning the level of integrity. Instead, let us flourish as our souls burn with a passion to make the dream come true.