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Secrets to Swimming Fast.....and doing everything else better
James E. Lilley

Commit yourself honestly, unconditionally and realistically to you whatever you are doing.

Be true to yourself and everyone who is around you in the same pursuit.

Try your best everytime.

Whatever scale you choose to measure yourself will never be an accurate measure of anybody else.

Listen to your friends and coach, they want you to succeed.

Nobody in the world is better at being you than you are. If being yourself was an Olympic event, you would be a Gold Medal winner.

Recognize your best performance and treasure it.

Recognize when you don't or can't do your best and remember it.

Always try to focus on what is at hand, on what you are doing now.

There is always time for hope, dreams and laughter in a day.

Limitations are just that, and there are days when you will exceed them.

When something goes wrong in your pursuit, take the time to grieve, accept it and move on.

Losing a family member, a friend or a respected person is a reason to re-evaluate, to stop and to examine yourself. Continue your pursuits when you feel are ready emotionally. Be with friends, loved ones and Coaches.

Support your family members, your teammates, your peers, enthusiastically, and be your own best supporter.

Be honest about your performance and be honestly kind about others performance.

Celebrate respectfully your family and peer's victories.

The day after your event will come no matter what. Win or lose, put it in perspective, and find the positive side to celebrate it.

Look at the calendar and ponder the days past, learn from them and look forward to what is to come. The uncertainty of the future is wonderful and unsettling. It will be here before you realize it.

In every day it is okay to have time to dream, hope and remember.

Today is a great day to be alive!

� James E. Lilley