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The God Puzzle

The summer sun sets on a sizzling day of heat and the earth sighs in coolness. I often sit outside enjoying a landscape bathed in the luminous glow of moonlight and gazing into a starlit sky. It is a peaceful time for quiet reflection.

My four-year-old son enjoys sitting with me.

One evening he asked, "who made the moon."

"God made the moon." I answered.

My son asked "who made the trees."

"God made the trees." I answered.

My son asked who made him and who made me.

"God made us." I answered.

My son disagreed. I was his mommy and he came from me.

"No, God made you. You came through me to be here." I explained.

My son wanted to know who made God.

"God just is. God is the beginning of everything." I told him. "People have come to many differing conclusions saying they know who God is, where God comes from, what God looks like and what God wants but they tend to argue about who's right and who's wrong. I am not sure anyone can completely know all these things about God as long as someone is arguing about it."

"Why do people argue about God?"

"Some people believe that to be right someone else must be wrong. When the last person arguing stops arguing and the listening of everyone starts we will know more about God."

"Mommy, God must be a puzzle. Everything God makes is a piece of the puzzle. The moon, the trees, you and me."

"Ah yes." I agreed.

"Then if you put all the pieces of the God puzzle together we would see God. What God looks like, where God comes from and who God is, all of it. Then, mommy, it wouldn't be a mystery."

In the clearness of a summer night sky illuminated by a galaxy of stars it is a child's light that shines brightest.

�1999, Dalene Entenmann is the mother of three children, publisher, writer, child advocate and is certified as a Master Parent through Oregon State University. Her parenting skills newsletters have been distributed in Oregon, California and Nevada school districts and area churches.