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A Soul Encounter

I stopped, in wonder, the other day,
as a plain looking woman came walking my way.
Something about her caught my eye
and I tried not to stare as she passed me by.

Her nails were bare, no polish there,
and strands of grey peppered her hair.
She was dressed in comfortable fitting clothes
and sensible shoes were the kind she chose.

Her face and her figure weren't chiseled or chic,
yet, her gorgeous presence left me weak.
It wasn't what I saw so much...
as the feeling I got, like the breeze of a touch.

I was caught in the awesome beauty of her
when a flash of clarity did occur.
Suddenly it was easy to see.
She was showing her luminous soul to me.

� 2000 Terri McPherson, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Terri McPherson or visit Terri at Wise Hearts! Weaving Small Wisdoms Through The Fabric Of Life...