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The Sun Shining Through

Today, I arose -
the sun shined brightly through my window,
I was glad to see,
the sun rose once again for me.

I opened the windows to let the sunshine through,
I thought to myself the sun's being kind to you.
But, all of a sudden the wind came -
And it brought along the sand.

The wind and the sand soon departed,
But, the sun continue to shine through,
Now, I could clearly see,
What the wind and the sand left for me -
My brightly clean house was now filthy.

Now, I wanted to shut the sun out -
Because it showed the dirt - no doubt.
My heart was saddened you see,
Because it reminded me - how cruel life had been to me.

Just when the sun is about to shine -
just when I can begin to see.
Along comes the storms of life troubling me.

But, I must be strong -
I must hold on.

I must clean away the dirt from my house,
I must wipe away the tears from my life.
For tomorrow is a brand new day,
And I know the sun will shine my way.

Copyrighted by Miranda Lewis, winner of the Famous Poet Award
and published on Spirit