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You are a Beautiful Person

You are modest, selfless and kind,
too gentle in ego to see
how divine and gorgeous a person you are.
When I tell you... you disagree.

So I hold before you a mirror,
its reflection strong and true.
Take a look at the wondrous vision there,
the fabulous, marvelous you.

Do you see the woman I see?
Do you see a phenomenal sight?
Do you see an honest and tender soul
who's spirit is high in flight?

The woman you see in the mirror
lights a path for those who aspire
to be more than their daily circumstance,
a woman I respect and admire.

� 1999 Terri McPherson, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Terri McPherson or visit Terri at Wise Hearts! Weaving Small Wisdoms Through The Fabric Of Life...