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Not Again: When Life Delivers Lemons
by Dalene Entenmann

Rattle, clang, grind of the gears. I hear it coming before it arrives. Not again, I think, not again. Sure enough, another truckload of lemons is being backed up to the front porch of my life. Each one of these little yellow orbs has my name stamped on them.

With clipboard in hand, the driver approaches me. He wants me to sign for the delivery. I tell him I do not want this delivery. I tell him I am sure I did not want the other deliveries. Without comment, he smiles and hands me the clipboard. In the scheme of my life refusing delivery does not appear to be an option. I take the clipboard. I sign.

As I am signing, I remark on this personal injustice, how unfair it seems that I should be getting delivery after delivery.

"With that attitude, the lessons ahead of you are going to be more difficult than they need to be." I am thinking, what lesson is he talking about here. This is sheer bad luck. A streak of bad luck the origin of which I fail to remember.

Learning to make lemonade", he says, "but of course you are not required to make lemonade". He gestures to the truck and continues,"However, you do seem to have alot of lemons on your hands". I show him my citrus-stained-wrinkly-skinned hands from all the lemonade I have made and complain of the indigestion I get from drinking pitcher after pitcher of lemonade. Oh how I've tried to be a good sport and the only thing I am learning is where to buy lotion and antacid at bulk rates.

Why aren't you asking anyone to help you make lemonade and why aren't you sharing how to make the lemonade with others"? He suggests that in the process I might actually learn new recipes for the lemons.

It surprises me to even consider that other people are getting these deliveries. Everyone else looks so happy and normal. I feel as if I am the only one having this experience.

"Look" he says, "This is not a unique situation. Everyone gets these deliveries one way or the other. I am no philosopher but I believe there is a purpose to it all. It is what you do with the lemons after the delivery that makes a difference."

I ask him if he would explain more to me. "It has something to do with acceptance, courage and wisdom. Find others who are talking about these things. I have got to be on my way now. This job keeps me busy. Great overtime pay though! Best to you and will be seeing you again sometime."

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