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The Decision~~where is my life?

    Sometimes the day goes by so quickly -
    In fact, life just passes you by.
    "Take time to smell the roses",
    How about take time to just say "Hi".


    Time is moving at the speed of light.
    the Work. the Traffic, now be a Wife.
    Stress is mounting -
    Where is my Life?


    What are we pursuing?
    What really is the goal?
    When have we finally Achieved?
    What keeps feeding our Soul?


    Decisions. Decisions.
    Which road do we take?
    What dreams do we pursue?
    What truly is at stake?


    The thoughts are spinning
    the confusion is clear
    I need to stop thinking
    and just let God steer.

    What I have learned is that we never know if we have made the right decision, but if God has been a part of it, we can rest in his confidence that we are at least on the right path.
    � 2005 Jamie Rosand Haenggi