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Today is Today; Tomorrow is Tomorrow, Live it Tomorrow
by Jane Mullikin

We like to look ahead. We like to plan ahead. We are taught that it is prudent to plan for the future. So as responsible humans, we weigh living for today against planning ahead and find the scales are tipping heavily in favor of planning ahead. God says live today and He also wants us to be responsible. This is confusing.

We all have experienced the woes of putting together a great plan, anticipating with delight as we proceed to work the plan, only to have it fall into total disarray. Ole´┐Ż Murphy said it best, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." Murphy understood about making plans.

We have seen very improbable plans take flight and never encounter a crosswind. Unexpected and unpredicted boosts to the plan lift it high and carry it to ultimate success. How come?

Remember Jonah? The Prophet who was eaten by a whale when he refused to do what God told him to do? Whether you know the Muslim version or the Christian version, the message is the same. You may make your plans, but if God has different plans, He has the resources to guarantee His plan will be carried out.

If we feel we must plan, but we do it with our hearts open, we will be in a position to hear when God suddenly announces an unexpected change in the flight plan. If we think of ourselves as spiritual adventurers, not bound by earthly borders, God will take us on the most exciting adventures "unimaginable"...after all, Jonah was not too likely to expect to see the sun again once he found himself in the belly of a big fish.

The counsel of God is to live today; to live now. Tomorrow is tomorrow; live it tomorrow.

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