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This is a poem about a real place from my childhood. I have had many dreams, my whole life, about this drawer. I can't read this poem without remembering hours spent with my Grandma in her kitchen, and crying because I miss her. She was truly an inspiration to all.

Grandma's Spice Drawer
by Lynn Winters

The drawer was deep and white
and packed up tight.

Dark bottles of scented dreams,
anything your mind could scheme.

Jars of whatnot and lemon drop,
peppermint and lolly pop.

Bags of coconut with rubber band
across the center of never, never land.

All kinds of nuts, chopped or dice,
it was all so nice.

Cans full of aroma and toothpick,
all the things to make your lips lick.

Baking staples for every need,
a wonderland, indeed.

The memory of this magical place
will forever reside in my heart with grace.

Lynn Winters.