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Cleaning House

    I have been working mainly out of my home for the last several years. My wife on the other hand is now working long hours and a long commute from home.

    It is only natural then that I would start taking on some of the household chores. I find myself doing dishes, washing clothes, and vacuuming these days as well as my old jobs of taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn.

    I do it all with a smile on my face because it gives me a chance to be with my kids a lot and help them to grow up into the wonderful people I know they can be.

    I have found, however, one thing to be true about housework. Always take a minute or two to enjoy your clean house right after you finish cleaning it, because it never stays clean for long.

    In a way a clean house is like a well lived life. You work at getting the junk thrown out, the dirt swept up, and the grime washed away. You straighten up the inner workings of your heart and mind. You spray positive, joyous, and loving thoughts, feelings, and actions everywhere. You then look around and admire the life you have created for yourself.

    You know, however, that creating this beautiful wonderful life for yourself is something that you must do day by day and moment by moment. It doesn't take long for a house or a life to become a trash heap if left unattended.

    God gave each of us the glorious gift of our own lives. God also gave us the free will to make them what we wish. Whether your life is a sparkling home full of love, joy, magic, and light or a stinking garbage dump full of hate, anger, bitterness, and depression is up to you.

    I wish each and every one of you Happy Housecleaning then.

    � Joseph J. Mazzella