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An Incredible Twist of Fate
A Miracle in Gig Harbor, Washington
By Carol

In the fall of 1995 I was driving home from Seattle. A huge sheet of rain dropped from the sky, and as I felt my car hydroplane, I remember slowing down and looking in the mirror to make sure that there was plenty of distance between myself and the cars around me.

I watched as the 18 wheeler directly in front of me rounded a curve. The minivan in front of the truck went into a full hydroplane skid and turned driver's door to the truck and was hit by the truck that was traveling at 65 mph. The mini van then flew into the right lane where it was hit by another car, and then dropped it's rear axle and flew all the way across I-5 coming to a rest on the left shoulder.

As it crossed the freeway, bags of groceries flew out of the car. I don't ever remember thinking, "do I want to become involved?" It was just something I did.

I called 911 from my cell phone and somehow (I have no memory of how) I moved over to the left shoulder and got out of my car, running back to the mini van. I had noticed that the groceries were kids things.....and when I looked into the van, I knew this woman was a mother. I remember looking skyward and saying, "Please, I need your help. This woman is a mother and her children need her. "

The woman in the van was hurt very badly. She had the steering wheel pressed into her chest and was bleeding out of her ears, eyes, nose and mouth. As I stood there, she stirred, so I reached in and did the only thing I knew to do.

I put my arms around her and told her, "Hold still. Everything will be OK. Help is on the way." I then asked her one question: "Can you tell me your husband's phone?"

She gave me the number and again I told her, "Hold still. Everything will be OK." She slipped into a coma at that point.

The next person to stop at the scene of the accident was a nurse on her way to work. She took her vitals and told me she did not think the woman was going to make it. I looked at her and told her that she would be fine...that we needed to do everything we could to get her to the hospital. I then went and dialed the number I had been given, and was connected to her husband. I told him she had been in an accident and would be transported to Harborview and he could meet her there.

It took what seemed like forever for the ambulance to arrive. I was running around screaming at the firemen to get the gas cleaned up, screaming at the policemen to close the right lane of traffic. I put the truck driver in my car and gave him my cell phone and told him to call someone he loved. When the ambulance got there, it seemed to me like everyone else had already given up. But in my heart there was a certainty that she would be OK.

After the ambulance left, I drove on home to Gig Harbor and picked up my kids from school, went home and for several days things just went on like normal. I remember feeling certain that she was OK. I do not even remember considering any other possibility. The fourth day after the accident I woke up in tears. I suddenly needed to know if she was OK. I could not get any information because I did not know her name.

So, I drove the hour back up to Seattle to the hospital and begged and cried until someone heard me, and we figured out her name. They typed her name into the computer and when the screen came up, it said she had been in a coma in intensive care until that morning, when she had been RELEASED. The nurse cautioned me that it made no sense..and she was really not sure the information was accurate.

I got in my car and headed home. As I drove by Kent I called my sister to say hi. told her about the accident and she said to me, "Was that accident last Thursday just north of Boeing?" I told her, "Yes."

She then told me that her son had been on a field trip to the Seattle center that day. Their bus had passed the accident and the little boy who was sitting next to him said, "That is my friend's mom's car."

She then went on to say at dinner that night they had assured him there were many cars that look the same, that surely it was not the car of the family of his friend. However, she went on. She told me just that morning when she took her kids to school, several of the moms were talking about the accident...and indeed it was the little boy's friend�s, mom's car, and she had been released from the hospital that morning.

The family was trying to locate the woman who had helped at the scene of the accident. My sister then said, "That was you, wasn't it?" I asked her to pass my name on.

A couple days later I received a call from the woman's father and he told me the rest of the story. When she arrived at the hospital she was examined and the doctors learned she had massive internal injuries. She had experienced a 90% left brain to right brain transfer from the impact. She was in a coma and apparently the doctors told her family that she was too unstable for surgery. In fact, they told the family they were unsure if she would survive and suggested they call her loved ones to tell her goodbye.

For three days she laid in the coma, and on the fourth morning she woke up. As she opened her eyes, she said, "She told me to hold still, that everything would be OK."

She was taken back into x-ray where the doctors discovered she had miraculously healed. Even the brain transfer that can take years to correct, was already 70% corrected. She signed forms agreeing not to hold the hospital responsible for what they could not explain. She got dressed and went home to her husband and their two daughters. That was the morning I arrived at the hospital. She called to thank me, and even then, I did not realize we both had been saved.

So often we judge that what is happening is bad or good...but surely it is true that all things serve in the highest and are born of a love whose greatest longing is to bring us all back home. Before the accident happened, my own life was pretty much a matter of taking each day and surviving. I was in so much pain that I was spending my entire life living in chaos.

I began, at that point, to hold still and listen....aided by a mudslide taking our family home just one month later. I cannot begin to explain the miracles that have unfolded in my life. I am not going to say that from the outside one would think my life is easy, but I have learned a lot about the power of love and compassion and the power of attention and intention.

I am working as a hands-on healer, and consciously choose to never "drive by" when I am needed. Sometimes it is just the clerk in the grocery store with whom I share my Light. Sometimes, it is my own children. With my eyes now truly open, I see all the world before me, bringing me gift after gift. I know that God is inside of me and inside of each and every being that is.

I know clearly that we are all one, and that how we treat each other is also how we treat ourselves. I am blessed to have been held in the glory of God's Light and have felt my oneness with all that is. I send my love and blessings to you and to all with whom you choose to share this letter.

Reprinted from ANGELS AND MIRACLES GOOD-NEWS-LETTER �2000 AngelScribe - Sharing Angels and Miracles with the World

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