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Eileen T. Waldron

When we are accepted by our family it gives us a firm foundation, and we feel loved. When our friends accept us we feel good. When we are accepted into a school of our choice we feel lucky. When we get our first job and our peers accept us we feel happy. When we get married and our in-laws accept us we are thankful. Acceptance is a very important thing. What happens when just the reverse is true.

When we are not accepted by family, friends, peers, etc. When we feel rejected by our families, schoolmates, fellow-workers, spouses, in-laws, friends. When we feel left-out of things due to environmental problems etc. What happens is in evidence around us every day. We have a society that is rampant with drugs,school-shootings, crimes of all kind,immorality,and every kind of evil that a godless culture engenders.

I'm simplifying this message for people who no longer read, but just scan. The answer of course is God. He always was and will always be the answer. The problem is that we have missed the boat when it comes to teaching our children about what is real.

Since time began we have had fractured societies. Immorality and crime is nothing new. However, what is new is the overall attitude of our nation. It has become desensitized to a degree that provides an atmosphere for our youth to do the unnacceptable. Therefore losing the acceptance of those who matter most. Family, friends, etc.

Those of us who care, who claim a belief in God, had better put our heads together to bring about a more godly culture. We have a duty to teach the one fact that will make the difference. We must hammer home the truth that God accepts us! No matter what state we are in or who we are, if we go to God He will never reject us. God accepts all who call on Him,and is true to His word!!! Our children must be taught that no matter what others say or do, no matter how many rejections they encounter, God's acceptance is the one that counts the most.

When we teach this message consistently, it will at least give our youth some reassurance when they are forced to face the cruelty of rejection in the world. Teach them that the one who was most cruelly rejected, the expert on rejection, JESUS CHRIST, knows how they feel, and He loves them. God must take priorty in our lives or we are a lost society.