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by Ella Render

the ravaging marauder
Plundering my life
Pounding at the door of my heart,
Stealing peace of mind:
Taking me captive
Bound in writhing chains
Into fear and bondage
Making longed-for rest
A distant oasis
Of unreality.

Anxiety imprisoning me
Within the dungeon of imaginary fears
Trapped thoughts beating round
Like a captured butterfly.
Afraid of now. tomorrow.
Sorrows. pain
Not recognising fleeting joys
Never regained;
Must I forever languish
Within the torture chamber
of my soul !

Peace -- Be still -- I hold the key
To open every care-locked door
And loose the chains;
Come from the prison of your mind
Into the throneroom
Of my presence
And sit awhile with Me;
Eat, drink and be refreshed
Then go forth in my Name
Bearing the seal
Of my Peace.

Find Ella at Greetings From New Zealand, Poet in Residence
and INternational Woman