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A Forgotten Place
by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

Another rainy morning
Probably another rainy day
So I will think I will just stay there and lay
Letting my mind turn to Jello
Feeling oh so mellow
Warm blankets over my head
Pillows everywhere on the bed
Dare I look at the clock?
I could go into shock
How long has it been since
I enjoyed myself like this?
Forgetting all my troubles
All the wants and demands
I feel so wicked
Indulging this laziness
Years ago I took this hobby for granted
But as time went by I changed my frame of mind
To thinking it was such a waste
A waste of time, energy, and space
But there is a time and a place
And today in my case
My bed is my special place.

"To me every person is a novel waiting to be read. Some are better reading than others are but there is always something to be learned. I have always been a creative and artistic individual. Recently I have found writing poetry and short stories to be my passion. I find it is a wonderful fulfilling way to express myself and relieve stress. Best of all it leaves a lasting impression. I have been published on line and in hard copy. I enjoy sharing my works with friends, family and acquaintances, many of which have inspired my writings and have given me the encouragement to realize my potential." -- Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

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