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by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

Ruined and dissembled
I wait for it all to settle
The process begins
Little by little
I let the light in
And then I find out
It is my true friends
That brought me out
Ones I never thought about
They stood there by me all along
Caring, loving, and oh so strong
Without them I would have been alone
They are the ones that me eased my sadness
Bringing with them a feeling of gladness
They came through and gave me hope
They created a smile so I was able to cope
Just thinking of them makes me feel stronger
I am no longer consumed with self doubt
Now it's my turn to go out
Regenerate the pledge that part of life is giving
And by giving something back, life is worth living.

"To me every person is a novel waiting to be read. Some are better reading than others are but there is always something to be learned. I have always been a creative and artistic individual. Recently I have found writing poetry and short stories to be my passion. I find it is a wonderful fulfilling way to express myself and relieve stress. Best of all it leaves a lasting impression. I have been published on line and in hard copy. I enjoy sharing my works with friends, family and acquaintances, many of which have inspired my writings and have given me the encouragement to realize my potential." -- Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

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