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by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

I never claimed to be perfect
I always tried to do my best
Accepting people for what they are
Loving them for who they are

Overlooking human frailties
Embracing the whole package
For that is what makes an individual unmatched
Life would be boring and mundane

I don't want people to try and fit into a mold
I want them to be themselves and be bold
Proud of whom they are
So trust me enough to unfold

Let me see that inner beauty
There is only one of you
All I ask of you in return
Is accept me and together we will learn

The world is made up of a variety of people
Each unique and special
Each one a true adventure
Each one can give you pleasure

Did I ever tell you?
You are my treasure!

"To me every person is a novel waiting to be read. Some are better reading than others are but there is always something to be learned. I have always been a creative and artistic individual. Recently I have found writing poetry and short stories to be my passion. I find it is a wonderful fulfilling way to express myself and relieve stress. Best of all it leaves a lasting impression. I have been published on line and in hard copy. I enjoy sharing my works with friends, family and acquaintances, many of which have inspired my writings and have given me the encouragement to realize my potential." -- Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

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