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We Are One
by Laura Davis

I have lived through some difficult times. I walked through the times when women were wives and mothers or failures, to the time when we can be anything we want to be. I have listened as men called us names because we wanted independence and freedom. I have listened with sadness when we called each other names because we did not or would not see the other's point of view. During those times, Roe v. Wade occurred. This seemingly freedom-giving ruling opened my world to hate, bitterness, and the damning of souls by those who had no right to condemn. It has occurred to me many times as I watch pro-lifers and freedom-of choicers go at each other, that we have turned upon ourselves as a society. Women against women worse than men against us have ever been. My prayer is that soon, we will learn to stand together, even in our disagreement. We are one. We are women who have come through rough times and managed to not only survive, but surpass all expectations.

we are the same
and we are different
we are together
but we are alone
we are the bravest we will ever be
we are the most afraid
we are the freest under the law
and are bound with unbearable chains
we have faced the testing with courage
and the truth with dignity
we have decided what we can never undecide
we are suspended in our self-time
we are no one
for as long as we need to be
we are without thought
we cannot cease thinking
we are numb to feeling
and can do nothing but feel
we are filled with doubt and despair
we turn away from one another
we walk away alone
more alone than we have ever been
more alone that we should ever be
we are different
and we are the same

stand with me my sister
stand in dignity no matter what your past
stand with courage no matter what our future
we are different
and we shall become
the same in strength,
courage and dignity.


From Laura Davis:
I am old enough to be your mother, so be good to me! I enjoy writing, quilting and my beloved cat, Sera. I started writing in Junior High School. It keeps me connected to my spirit, helps me to say things I might be reluctant to say otherwise and gives me great enjoyment. My writing is on themestream because its about time it gets put somewhere besides in my closet. Having a place to put my writing has encouraged me to return to it. I also have auctions on eBay to supplement an extremely small income (go there and buy, support your local old lady). So, thanks to all who check out my eBay auctions and read my offerings at themestream, please leave a comment (I love notes) and please rate each one (I want to see 4 little stars next to my name too, like others have). Do something that will make you feel good about yourself...adopt an old lady...me!