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by Laura Davis

we took for granted the ordinary
we didn't seem to notice
the special time it was
and now it's only memory

walking to the corner
for a cherry coke and candy
laughing in your footsteps
helping weed the yard ...
there go the marigolds!

Sundays of fresh cut lawn,
Old Spice and shaving soap
afternoons of card games and cartoons

those days, did they fade
or just go on ahead
if I run on to tomorrow,
will I find you ...
will you hold my hand
and walk me to the corner once again


From Laura Davis:
I am old enough to be your mother, so be good to me! I enjoy writing, quilting and my beloved cat, Sera. I started writing in Junior High School. It keeps me connected to my spirit, helps me to say things I might be reluctant to say otherwise and gives me great enjoyment. My writing is on themestream because its about time it gets put somewhere besides in my closet. Having a place to put my writing has encouraged me to return to it. I also have auctions on eBay to supplement an extremely small income (go there and buy, support your local old lady). So, thanks to all who check out my eBay auctions and read my offerings at themestream, please leave a comment (I love notes) and please rate each one (I want to see 4 little stars next to my name too, like others have). Do something that will make you feel good about yourself...adopt an old lady...me!