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Mary Ellen ^I^

My favorite movie is Walt Disney's
"Pollyanna" because I resonate
with her view of the world.

Pollyanna teaches many things;
one is to look on the bright side of life.

She also teaches about the gift of life
and the glorious moments of friends
supporting each other.

And as the movie unfolds, people
come out of their depression, anger
and loneliness to brighten the lives of others.

My newsletters have the heart
of Pollyanna. It has been my goal
to teach a new positive perspective
of people, Angels, and miracles
so that folks can see the world with
a new and more positive slant.

With the recent news of my younger
sister's terminal cancer and the next
day the news of my breast lump and
then surgery and the removal of cancer
from my body, life suddenly took on
the view of a tunnel of terror.

I was scrambling to find a normal
feeling to life. Rushes of adrenaline
surged fright through my body.

I was surprised when the blood tests
revealed red blood and not pure liquid adrenaline.

It is amazing how we think we have
tomorrows. How we plan for next
year and in one moment in a doctor's
office we realize that life will never-ever be the same again.

All the "important" deadlines lose
their importance.

All future plans fall away and we
are left with one thing:

A new view of life...its value and the power of Love.
And the stark reality that every day is indeed a miracle.

The last month has been the most
terrifying experience of my life...and
at the same filled with the most blessings.

Your prayers, cards and support
for the newsletter and me are some
of the many blessings.

Your words of kindness and Love
still continue to arrive. We even
received a complaint from the
post office when the mail increased.

I know prayer works, as the doctor
has been bowled over by the test
results and my fast recovery from surgery.

One of the gifts that was very
present for me were those who
showed up to gently hold my hand.

I had no idea of the power of a
gentle human touch.

As you know my girlfriend, Atira,
put both her businesses on hold
and came down from Seattle to
Oregon to stay with me and help me emotionally through the wee
hours of the night when the tunnel
of terror seemed the darkest.

And in that dark she talked to
me of what she saw.

Atira has the gift "to see" your loving
prayers arriving and the purple
glistening light of the Angels' gowns
and the many pink hearts from around
the world falling from the ceiling around
us, filling our home.

She gently held my hand and softly
talked of the Angels who came with
their loving prayers from all beliefs.

And of the healers and the healing
energy that often was accompanied
by the names of the senders.

I slowly began to feel and sense
when an Angel was holding my head
or I was being giving intravenous
healing by the Angels.

I could feel when the spiritual beings
gently covered us with a calming,
sparkling, glistening blanket of light,
sometimes white, sometimes green,
sometimes purple, each healing me
at a different level of my beingness.

Through the terror and my own fears
a new inner understanding of the great
unseen world unfolded for me as she
walked me through it.

And I realized all the things I believed
as a child were truly part of my reality.

My passed-over grandmother came
and sat in a chair next to me as I was
comforted by the words she spoke to
Atira, who translated what was being said.

Things that were only known to me
and in that moment I was wrapped
once again in my grandmother's loving arms.

A gentle peace finally settled over
me, allowing me to follow it out of
the terror and fall back to sleep for
a few hours' rest before the next
adrenalin rush.

One thing my grandmother said I
would like to share with you.

She said, "Always speak from your
heart. Always speak your truth, even
if it is not another's truth."

I felt like Pollyanna who had fallen
out of her tree.

You...the newsletter readers and
prayer teams showed me how
much my work has touched you
and how much you love me.

You rallied around me as the
townspeople did for Pollyanna
in her moments of doubt.

This has been one of the greatest
blessings of my life as I felt all your
love fill me in my darkest time.

There are more miracles that I will
share as this keeps unfolding and
as I grow stronger.

For now I wanted to share so you
would not be as worried about me,
as the path is still long at this time
and the journey is still unfolding.

Please know I am not alone and I
will never be alone again and that
Angels are not a myth but truly God's
messengers working on our behalf...
in and through you... giving gifts
from their hearts of Love.

Please continue your prayers for
my sister and her young children.
Yes, I did finally tell my mother
what I had as I will not be able to
travel to Saskatchewan to see my
sister before her passing and my
mother needed to know why.

Each night as I fall asleep I send
a glass box with a pink heart in it,
wrapped in an opalescent bow to
be delivered by my Angels to each
of you who has sent a prayer, held
me in your heart, or sent a blessing.

Please continue to send your much
appreciated prayers and healing.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^