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Still Watching
by Greg McLean

I was married to a very wonderful woman for 13 glorious years. We had a marriage that really worked. We loved and respected each other. We would read the "make your marriage work" articles, and be thankful that we didn�t have to jump through all those hoops to keep our marriage alive. We liked being together. We didn�t have to work at liking each other, it just came naturally. She had a very giving nature and a very kind heart. Animals were her true love, and she would rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals to be released back into the wild. Our house was often more like a zoo than a home. Listening to her talk with her critters couldn�t help but make you smile. The voice she used, you could just hear the love in her heart. I guess all good things must come to an end, and my wife passed away two years ago. It�s been rough since then. A full time job, I own a business on the side, two young sons, -- I struggle. I pray to God and Cindy every night asking for help and thanking them for all I have and all I have had over the years. I don�t have any regrets. I had more love in our 13 years than most people will ever have in a lifetime.

I turned 40 the year after Cindy left me. I had a party at our house, and was busy getting ready for the party. I was cleaning the pool at the time, and a Monarch butterfly flew in by the pool. I had been thinking about Cindy all morning, and when I noticed the butterfly, I casually stated, "Well, Cindy, how nice of you to visit me on my birthday". The butterfly started flying around the pool a bit, then fly by me. It started flying tight circles around my body, and then it landed on me!!! It was such a thrill. I had never had a butterfly land on me before. This last summer, I was feeling down, and stepped outside for just a minute. Shortly after I stepped out, a Monarch butterfly came flying up to me and landed on me again. Someone nearby said, "Wow, this must be your lucky day". It had been fairly bad up to that point, but the butterfly certainly picked up me. I felt much better the whole rest of the day.

Well, we just hit the second anniversary of her accident, and I took my boys and some flowers out to the cemetery. Shortly after we arrived, a Monarch butterfly came flying by us. It came very close to landing on me a couple of times, but perhaps because I was dressed all in black, and not very attractive to a butterfly it settled on some flowers instead. My boys knew of my previous adventures with butterflies, and tried to get as close to it as possible. It only stayed for a minute, and off it flew. I�m certainly no expert on Monarch butterflies, but I doubt one would be in Wisconsin this late in the year (we�ve had a few frosts already), and I know they migrate to Mexico and Central America for the winter months. I truly believe all of these butterflies were really Cindy. She is still keeping an eye out for me and for our sons. She still loves us.