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The Spaces in Our Lives
by Terri McPherson

The spaces in our lives fill up quickly. Before we complete one task, our minds race ahead to the next one, and the one after that. Hours compress and the end of the day rushes in. Bone tired, soul weary and spiritually spent, we fall into bed exhausted.

As you wrestle with commitments, filling up your slots of time with responsibilities and necessities, promise one of those slots to yourself. Keep that promise and make that commitment as strongly as the ones you make to everyone and everything else. Use that time to relax, regroup and gather your scattered thoughts together.

Rest your body, quiet your mind, nurture your spirit and reconnect with your soul. You are here to live life, not drag yourself through it. Cultivate your renewable resources. Depleted, you rob yourself and everyone around you of a simple and profound pleasure - the joyous celebration of your presence on earth.

Is there a place? Is there time? Is there room in your life for you?

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