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Do You Worry?
by Terri McPherson

Do you worry more about the way the world sees you, than the way you see the world?

We all know people who won't leave the house unless their make-up is applied, their hair is done or they're dressed in a certain way. They present the same face to the world every time they step into it.

I certainly dress for the occasion, when there is one. However, I love to quietly slip into the world unnoticed. It's easy to blend into a crowd and watch the way people treat each other when I'm wearing a baseball cap, pulled low on my head, a comfy sweatshirt and jeans.

The world is full of colorful, sublime and subdued characters playing various roles on a public stage. Their interactions, quirks and habits are a marvel to behold. Each town and city has a unique atmosphere, a mood of its own - warm, cold, open, closed, quiet, loud. The different neighborhoods within their borders add a distinct flavor to the melting pot.

When you walk through the world, worried about its perception of you, the opportunity to stand in your own light and perceive the world is lost. Life beyond your own, is a mysterious entity.

Remove your self-perfected, self-conscious mask when you step outside the boundaries of your own little patch of the planet. Unravel a little of the mystery.

Wisehearts....Weaving Small Wisdoms Through The Fabric Of Life