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Through my own experience and that of countless others, I have come to understand that our life is a constant changing and evolving journey. In the midst of all the knowledge and wisdom available, many still feel a lack of satisfaction from life. We seem to have allowed our lives to become so complicated that seldom is there time for family, friends or ourselves, and even less time for our own journey of spirit.

Although there is a spiritual awakening on the horizon, we continue to find ourselves searching; sometimes not even knowing what we are seeking, yet hoping that someone or something will come along and offer us a sudden painless path.

We waste time and money searching We search for happiness and long for love! We search for peace and long for contentment! We search for the meaning of life longing for understanding and acceptance of who we are.

As we become more disenchanted with our life, it becomes quite challenging to feel positive about anything or anyone including ourselves. Is it any wonder we find ourselves feeling impatient, frustrated and at times even angry with life?

How can we ever find what we need when we continue looking in the wrong places. Clearly the answers we seek do not lie in the outside world, but are found within ourselves. Why do we feel that we must make things happen rather than allow them to unfold as they will.

To make spiritual practices come alive, we must discover within ourselves our own way and learn to honor who we are. The fundamental message of all spiritual teachers should be..."that we must learn to see through our own eyes seeking truth, having respect for our own integrity and awakening, to understand that personal healing is a necessary part of the "spiritual process."

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