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Reflections on Life's Significance
by Dalene Entenmann

The significance we feel our life is here is an exact reflection of how significant we feel life is itself.

Do we live our life as if it has great importance?
Is life important?

Do we live our life as if it has great meaning?
Is life meaningful?

Do we live our life with mindful purpose?
Is there a purpose to life?

Do we live our life, do we fill our life, with great joy and hope and love?
Is our life more than 98 cents worth of chemicals, bones and flesh as in--

Is this all there is, what we can see and touch and hear?

We live our beliefs and we express those beliefs each minute of each day by who we believe we are and where our place is in this universe.

How come we have such a difficult time believing?

Was there anyone in your life, from the time you were born, that told you what a magnificent being you are and that if you are here you were invited to be here.

And did they listen and watch and become acquainted with the unique being that you came here to be and guide you with opportunities to develop, explore and express the talents and abilities of your unique and magnificent being?

Did they say,

"Let us celebrate, let us sing, let us play, let us laugh, Let us dance, let us paint, draw, write, let us dream, Let us have a picnic, let us explore the world together, in the completeness of who you are because you came here perfect already!"

If you were not welcomed into this world in this way, it is not because the truth of who you are is not true.

If you believe anything other than the truth of who you are, then tell yourself you have been mistaken, all these years, about who you are and why you came to be in this world.

Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 years old, fold your hands over your heart and tell yourself that you were invited into this world
by the one who created the universe because something very significant and meaningful can not be realized without you.

You are loved and beloved and Love can not be realized without you.

All the greatness and goodness and power and energy of this universe are resources created to assist with the greatness and goodness You were invited here to realize.