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The Journeyer's Journal
by Dalene Entenmann

What I believe about myself and the personal belief system it creates for me creates the foundation and structure for my thought, emotion and intention. My thought, emotion and intention create an energy that goes out into the world to connect with the people, circumstances and opportunities that will support and affirm my belief about who I am.

The people, circumstances and opportunities I experience in my life reveal to me what I truly believe about myself.

Am I a victim of people and circumstance? Does my life seem like a struggle? Or am I confident that the universe cares for and loves me, that I can trust in its kindness and generosity and that opportunities will present themselves that support and nourish my needs, dreams and well-being?


Imagine the gift.

Imagine spiritual beings given the opportunity of a physical life in a physical world.

Imagine a blue-green planet with vastly diverse beauty and abundant renewable resources of mountain streams, valley rivers, ocean seas; ancient redwood trees and rain forests with plants that cure every physical disease; sheer rockcliffs that touch the sky and sweeping savannah plains that extend to the farthest horizon.

Imagine, as a spiritual being, that you have been, are, and will always be, in perfect harmony with the eternal.

Imagine, as a physical being, you are still a spiritual being, living in this physical place where spring follows winter and sunrise follows sunset.

Imagine, that if you chose to remember who you are, that you can freely move from this place of being to another, that in truth there is no division, physical being merely an extension in dimension of spiritual being.

It is a gift, this place, this life......dear spiritual being.